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Ethos Empowers People Seeking Green Power

Ethos Renewable Power LLC was established in 2013 with the objective of creating an independent green power economy that results in energy self-reliance.  Founder Alicia Leinberger has worked in renewable energy since 2002 and created this company to meet the demands of a changing world.


Ethos organizes stakeholders who want to buy renewable energy and who want to build renewable systems into a market that grows the total amount of green energy.  The structure of our member organization allows us to operate a green power exchange that uses renewable energy credits (RECs).


Prior to the establishment of Ethos Renewable Power, there was no place for Wisconsin’s hundreds of small energy generators to sell their RECs. While surrounding states are taking a more proactive stance on renewable power, in Wisconsin access to REC markets has been limited. It remains in our hands to shape the kind of electricity economy we want to see.


Similarly there was no place to purchase renewable power credits on an open market. Because we work directly with the generator members, we are able to get more of the value of their power into their hands.


It is well known that renewable generation provides a steady and reliable clean (and forever free) source of electricity. During the construction and operation of the renewable generator, good local skilled jobs circulate money in the state. We cut transmission costs with more local electricity plants, and gain self-reliance by harnessing the power that exists where we live. Finally, we avoid the costly effects of coal and natural gas extraction and combustion on our most precious resource, our health and safety.


More about the Ethos marketplace

Today we operate a market for small renewable energy generators throughout the Midwest by aggregating and marketing renewable energy credits (RECs) at premium rates. Ethos manages their REC activity via the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS). The system provides independent capabilities to create unique certificates, track generator accounts, track subscriber accounts, and track certificate retirements. We also match-up future generators with the change agents who make it possible for new solar installations to be built.


Ethos makes it easy with our web-based registration and reporting system that creates, verifies, and manages Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). We’re one of the few Midwest markets for small renewable generators, and we dedicate 100% of our profits to funding new solar generation.


A common question we get is “who took those amazing photos on your website?”

We are proud to say Ally Wheeler. We highly recommend her and love the warmth and color that she has brought to our website through her photography.

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