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Solar Installations: Made Simple!

It Can Be Easy!

At Ethos Green Power we specialize in solar installations. With over 30 years experience we can simplify the process for you. From the initial consultation to the final bolt being wrenched in we have you covered.

We work with residential customers along with local businesses. There is a simple 5 Step Process for solar installation.

  1. The key to success when deciding whether solar is right for you is the initial consultation.
  2. After the initial consultation and it is determined that solar will work for you there is a signed agreement that guarantees your installation and your cost savings.
  3. We will then work with you on the final design of your system.
  4. Installation: when the magic happens! We will cover all permits and all steps necessary for you to have a safe and 100% up to code installation
  5. Turn on the power! You will be generating your own clean green power!
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Solar Installation Calculator

This simple solar installation calculator will give you a very rough estimate of the possible cost of a solar system based on your Kilowatts per month of usage. It is best to average 12 months of utility bills to get an average.


Solar is an initial investment with instant return on investment. The question is by paying your monthly utility bill – where is the investment?

Number of kilowatt hours per month
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