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Buying Green Power: Simplified

YOUR Values, YOUR Power!

It’s simple and it starts right here. Choose YOUR plan below. For the sake of accuracy, it’s good practice to take a look at your electric bill to find out how many kWh you use in your household. Then match it up with the plan. If you’re too excited and want to get started, just select a plan that best represents your current living situation –  and know that it’s big step in the right direction.


Take a huge, green, powerful step.


You will then be prompted to confirm your plan and follow the instructions to complete your pledge to green power. Shortly after you will receive a confirmation email. Moving forward, your pledge will begin the 5th of the following month and be renewed each month until you decide to cancel, or install your own green power someday!


Once you’ve purchased your plan, go outside and enjoy the good clean air and sunshine (provided it’s daytime and not raining).


Breathe it in deep knowing you’re making a difference to keep it that way.

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Buying Green Power: Simplified!

The best way to understand how your home or business can quickly and simply be 100% green powered is to watch this short video. It very effectively explains the simplicity of  Renewable Energy Certificates.


RECs are your best option to be green powered if you are not in a position to install solar or wind.


You can make the decision to be green powered today!


More questions? Please contact us!

You May Be Wondering,

How does the electricity get to me?

It already gets to you.  All the electricity you receive now (and after signing up with us) is a mix from various forms of generation – coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydro, wind and solar.  Our  program allows you to pay people who are generating it renewably.  Through this program you are buying energy from everyday people who own their own solar panels.  

They generate energy every day.  

You use energy every day.

Through our program, you purchase their energy.


How does it work?

We purchase Renewable Energy Credits from solar or wind generators here in the upper midwest.  Through this program you purchase this energy for about $12 per REC (depending on the size of your household).  

We pay our solar generators at least $7.00 per REC and our wind generators $4.00 per REC.  Our prices are structured to make sure wind and solar generators get a good deal.  We  pay more for solar because solar fits into the yards and rooftops of our world better than wind – more people can become solar generators and we want to encourage them to do so by paying a little more for solar.


Do I still pay my Utility bill?

Yes.  Because of all the awesome qualities of renewable energy, it has more value than power from dirtier forms of generation.  Through our program you pay the producers for the value the contribution they make to the power grid and our environment by generating energy renewably.


How do I sign up?

Scroll  up to the top of this page and look at the three purchase options.  Determine your level of usage.  Are you a small medium or large household? Click on the appropriate button to purchase green power.  On the 5th of every month and automated payment will be made to us and we will send you a statement that includes the amount of energy you purchased and details about the producers in our pool.


How do I know the generators actually were paid for what they generated?

Every month we will send you a statement with details including the amount of energy purchased, the number of certificates retired and information about the our pool of generators.


How does this make a difference?

Renewable Power is the future.  This program is a bridge to that future.  

By buying your RECs from Ethos you are paying for power from small to medium generators across the midwest. This model, called Distributed Generation is the most efficient application of solar power and properly done it brings resiliency and security to the electrical grid all while reducing our use of fossil fuels, and production of climate changing greenhouse gasses.


My utility has a green power program, how is this different?

We are different in three major ways.

  1. We pay much better prices to generators
  2. We charge much less than utilities (and we’ll be transparent about our the finances of the program – ask your utility for the same information about the purchase and sale of RECs and see how far you get).
  3. This program builds renewable distributed generation by purchasing from;

-small generators like homeowners or small businesses that have installed solar.

-utility cooperatives that have installed green generation (either solar or wind)

-special projects like public schools that install large solar arrays

-municipalities that own their own wind turbines and sell the energy they don’t use.

By choosing REC’s you are joining a growing community of individuals and businesses that are making a direct impact on helping the environment.

There is a revolution and an evolution on how we source our energy. Just as you have the option to choose where you source your food (know your farmer!) you can now “know” your energy source. At Ethos we specialize in working with small to medium size, independent green power providers.


You now have the ability to access the green power these people are providing. Just as there is empowerment from knowing your food sources. You can now be empowered by your energy sources.


And at Ethos – we simplfiy this process for you. You can sign up today and be 100% green powered by tomorrow!


Real Power. Real People. Real Simple.

A few happy members of the Ethos Green Power Collective

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