Southwest Wisconsin's solar experts. 



We impact our climate crisis by creating a culture rooted in clean, locally owned and produced electricity.

We're on a mission.

We're working to provide the highest quality renewable energy services to the rural areas surrounding Viroqua, WI as well as:


  • Creating new sustainable jobs for our young people

  • Stabilizing the cost of electricity

  • Moving away from our dependence on costly fossil fuels

Our goal is free clean energy for all of us. 


Renewable electricity has a long history, and for most of us, it's been out of reach.  


Wisconsin had lost its place as a leader in renewable energy, surpassed by Minnesota and Illinois, while Iowa had become one of the leading wind generators in the country. This didn't sit well with us. 

So our "Firekeeper" and founder, Alicia Leinberger, founded Ethos Green Power in Viroqua to bring renewables to Southwest Wisconsin.  


to 2013.

Over the last 8 years, we've kept busy.

That initial flicker has grown into a sustaining flame. Ethos has supported our neighbors and community by installing over 2.5 megawatts! 

Check out these recent projects: 


(We'll let our work speak for itself) 





It's the 'ethical' part of the argument. 

Doing something because it's right on so many levels. As licensed (photovoltaic) solar installers, we believe no other renewable energy source is as adaptable to harness the sun's energy and convert it into useable power for the people.


We are dedicated to providing the service of free, clean, and beautiful electricity to everyone around us--because it's the right thing to do. 

Meet the Experts

alicia leinberger, 


Hunter Copeland

Sales Marketeer


Dave Pechacek



Shane kouba

Electrical Apprentice

Raven Stevenson

Sales & Customer Care  Contact:

Olivia Abt



Finn Pennington


Paislee House

Electrical Apprentice

Clovis Larson
Larry Woodliff

Electrical Apprentice

Master Electrician

Erik Amodt

Operations Management


BOB Callaway

Project Manager

Isaac Worley

Crew Lead

Michaela Buskohl

Electrical Apprentice

Our craftsmanship and service is our guarantee to you.

We take pride in what we do. Our work is licensedwarrantied, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Our crew has years of experience under their belts and are eager to tackle new opportunities. Ready to work together?

Produced 3,000+ MWh of electricity
(That's over 3 billion watt hours) 
Offset 2,300+ tons of CO2 
(another small bit of info)
Installed 4,700+ solar panels
Equivalent to planting 
12,000+ trees

our impact (so far)

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