Why Solar?

Here at Ethos Green Power we believe solar power is a critical component of our energy future.  Solar electricity generation is free from carbon and other toxic emissions, and we can make it where we use it.

What's more is we can own it ourselves - generating our own power with solar technology.  As of 2020, solar panel prices have become highly affordable, incentives are widely available, and efficiencies are consistently trending upwards.  

Solar has SIX main benefits:​

  1. Reduce or eliminate your electricity bills

  2. Protect against rising energy costs

  3. Increase your property's value

  4. Increase U.S. energy independence

  5. Reduce carbon emissions and other toxic pollutants

  6. Leave the fossil fuels in the ground



Why ethos?

Ethos is the 'ethical' part of the argument.  Doing something because it's right on so many levels, and that is exactly why we exist.

As licensed (photovoltaic) solar installers, we believe no other renewable energy source is as adaptable to harness the sun's energy and convert it into useable power for the people. We are dedicated to providing the service of free, clean, and beautiful electricity to everyone around us.

There's never been a better time to get solar on your home than right now, and that's the honest truth. 

How Solar Works

Animation courtesy of cosmossolar.org

How it Works


During the Day:​

  1. First, the solar panels turn the sunlight into DC electricity.

  2. Next, the DC electricity is sent to an inverter where it's converted to useable AC electricity.

  3. Finally, the electricity is either used by the homeowner, stored in a battery, or sold back to the utility company. 

During the Night:

  1. The solar panels do not produce any power.

  2. You pull all kilowatt hours from the grid.  In some cases the price you pay is the same price you're credited when you make more power than you're using (during the day).  That's called "net-metering". 

Our Stats:

2,319+ tons of CO2 offset

3,093+ MWh of electricity produced (Nov. 2020)

That's over 3 billion watt hours!

Equivalent of planting 11,598+ trees

4,700+ solar panels installed

Real-time monitoring

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