Our craftsmanship and service is our guarantee to you.

Here at Ethos we take pride in the work we do and are always striving for excellence. Our work is licensed, warrantied, and breathtakingly beautiful. From that initial phone call, to support years later, and consistent weekly monitoring of our systems, we will keep your system and happiness our top priority. 

We are licensed contractors taking all measures to remain safe and smart, while working fast and efficiently to keep your costs down. Our crew has years of experience under their belts and are eager to tackle new challenges. We work with master electricians to ensure your system is completely safe and making you as much power as possible. 

Ethos offers you competitive pricing, friendliness, and free, clean electricity. To see some of our work and previous installs, take a look at the collage of pictures below. 

Our adjustable ground mount solar, made in Michigan with US steel, is a near perfect solution in rural areas.  This Video shows how to tilt the panels, for the winer and summer.  Click the sound ON for the full explanation.