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50 years - earth day every day

It's April, and that means waking up to spring in Wisconsin. It reminds us of our place on our planet, and we celebrate Earth Day every day.

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first time we came together to celebrate Earth Day way back in 1970. As you must know, the declaration came from our own Wisconsin Governor, Gaylord Nelson.

Today we are at an unprecedented point in time where our lifestyle is set in stark contrast against our health. We face the choice of the well being of our family, friends, and neighbors vs. our economy and our accustomed way of life. At the same time, coronavirus is a reminder of how very interdependent we are, and how much we need each other and a healthy Earth to create the world we truly want. A world that both supports our needs in the moment and is sustainable, and supportive of life, long-term. Earth Day is another reminder of these very things, and we at Ethos think it especially poignant that this is the 50th anniversary. It’s almost as if she’s telling us, loud and clear, “Wake Up!”

What better way to do this than to commit to living Earth Day, every day, with free and clean solar powered electricity, right where you use it. For the month of April, Ethos will honor 50 years of Earth Day by giving back $500 towards living Earth Day every day. All solar service contracts signed with Ethos in the month of April will get $250 off of the cost of your system and Ethos will give $250 to local Earth centered non-profits of your choice. For this special Earth Day celebration we’ve chosen 5 great local non-profits: Kickapoo Valley Reserve Crawford Stewardship Project Valley Stewardship Network Vernon Trails Friends of Vernon County Parks and Forests OR Your Choice It’s all your choice. The time is now. 50 years is enough. Happy Birthday Earth Day!

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