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Focus on Energy - What is it?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Learn how to understand and take advantage of the Focus on Energy program.

Focus on Energy

So you've come here with the intention of learning more about what Wisconsin and Focus on Energy has to offer you. You're in the right place! Luckily, the benefits and incentives just keep increasing, especially for your own solar installation.

What is Focus on Energy?

"Focus on Energy partners with utilities across Wisconsin to help residents and businesses reduce energy waste."

Founded in 2001, this Wisconsin program works with all the utilities in the state to help drive energy efficiencies and renewable energy production. It is particularly useful in rewarding customers of participating utilities with money back on their solar installations. Currently, all installs must abide by the following requirements:

• Eligible models must be selected from the qualified product list found at

• Eligible inverters must be selected from the qualified product list found at

• System must be installed within 45 degrees of due south.

• System must be installed with a panel tilt between 10–50 degrees.

• System must be installed with 10 percent or less obstacle shading, per an industry accepted tool.

• System must have a minimum of a five-year warranty.

• Incentive cannot exceed cost to customer.

• Both modules (panels) and inverter must be installed to receive an incentive.

• If the project site is serviced by a participating Focus on Energy utility and uses a non-residential rate, the project site does not have to be owned by the applicant. The project/system equipment, however, must be owned by the applicant in order to qualify and confirmation of this ownership should be provided. System ownership must revert to the property owner after a specified period of time, not to exceed 25 years.

• In order to receive a commercial incentive the system must be connected through a non-residential rate meter.

• System must be purchased new. Resale equipment, new parts installed in existing equipment, or equipment that is rebuilt, rented, received from insurance claims, received from a warranty, or won as a prize does not qualify. • Focus on Energy will only pay one incentive for each technology per site per calendar year. Incentives paid on this application cannot be claimed on another Focus on Energy application. Similarly, incentives can only be paid to one person or entity.

How much is the incentive?

Ethos Green Power in particular does a great job of helping you accomplish all the above requirements. Our equipment and labor meet all the incentive requirements, and we taking shading and roof analysis pre-solar installation to help you qualify.

We do our best to find a location at your home that allows us to mount the panels within 45 degrees of due south. This allows you to earn 12% back on the system install cost, up to $2,000 for residential and up to $4,000 for commercial.

Focus on Energy also released an incentive of 12% cash back up to $4,000 for all residential rural installs. If you want to see if you qualify as a rural resident, take a look at Focus on Energy's entire rural zip code list here: RURAL ZIP CODE LIST.

Lastly, as of 2019 Focus on Energy has been offering east and west facing system incentives (within 90 degrees of due south). This incentive amount is determined by Focus on Energy based on the angle and shading, with a maximum incentive of up to $1,500.

More information can be found on the Focus on Energy website here: CLICK ME.


We want to earn you money

The only downside to the Focus on Energy program is not all utility companies participate in it. A list of all the participating utilities in Wisconsin can be found here: CLICK ME. A short list of the participating utilities nearby our office in Viroqua can be found below.

Nearby zip codes that qualify:

- Viroqua

- Westby

- La Farge

- Hillsboro

- Tomah

- Norwalk

- Wilton

- Stoddard

- Sparta

- Soldiers Grove

- Readstown

- Ontario

- De Soto

- Coon Valley

- Readstown

- Cashton

For more info. on Focus on Energy please visit their webpage here or contact us at Ethos in order to determine your solar incentives!

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