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ETHOS: Green Power Simplified

Your power is choice. Each and energy day, in everything you do.

From the food you eat to the power you use.

You know that your food comes from farms. You care about how and

where it’s grown. Electric power comes from a somewhere and

someone in the same way. And you have a choice.

Through becoming an Ethos member or the installation of solar power,

everyone can be renewably powered.

solar installation

Buy Green Power

Go live with Green Power for your home and business through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). This is the simplest option for green power and can get you 100% green energy powered. At Ethos we are experts in navigating the REC market. Learn more about how to go green today here.

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Build Green Power

Ethos Green Power is a regional expert in solar design and installation. From your initial consultation to the final bolt being wrenched in we have you covered. Ethos will simplify the entire process for you to make your green power dreams become a reality. Learn more here.

solar power

Sell Green Power

If you own a renewable system, get paid for the green attributes of the clean electricity you provide. At Ethos we specialize in working with small to medium independent green power providers. Become part of the Ethos collective and bring green power to your local community. Learn more about our generator program here.


A few of our happy members. Join us today to become part of the collective!


solar installation

Ready to Buy Green Power?

We have simple plans to get you started!

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Green Power: Simplified!

Ethos Green Power Generators and Business Customers

Since 2012 Ethos has retired 65,188 REC’s. This is equivalent to:


Tons of Coal Left in the Ground


Number of Wind Turbines Installed


Tree Seedlings Planted for 10 Years


Barrels of Oil NOT Consumed

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